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Topsfield, MA 01983



17" sweeping width

stays light and clog free

2-ply, 4" spring steel bristles             

riveted steel head

54" hardwood handle recommended

extremely durable

no job too tough

unique and versatile


Since 1936 the Kinney Model J Spring Steel Push Broom has been supplying the roofing industry and others with quality and long lasting performance. They are hand assembled with spring steel bristles riveted between top and bottom mild steel heads. Each broom has a 2-ply 4" spring steel bristle projection that is strong enough for your toughest job. The bristles are so closely slotted and spaced that the Model J broom can even be used for liquids. This feature ensures clog free use. They are well suited for asphalt work due to this and the fact that they are lightweight. Municipalities have long used our brooms for street, gutter sweeping and curbside wet leaves. Fish hatcheries purchase our brooms for cleaning cement raceways where young fish grow. People have found our brooms to be well suited for sweeping barns and livestock areas. New uses are always being found for this versatile tool.  

model j spring steel push broom